The Job Search Market is Tough! Let a Hiring Manager Help You

Look­ing for work, employ­ment or a job? Here are our mus­ings as gurus. Focused on var­i­ous jobs sec­tor in the UK, Europe and the USA, we look at the var­i­ous jobs indus­tries sec­tors and com­ment on the lat­est news that comes out. Like other job seek­ers we are frus­trated by the cur­rent reces­sion and won­der how and when things in the global employ­ment mar­ket are going to improve.

Gen­er­ally, we are striv­ing to col­lect as much use­ful insight and infor­ma­tion from job seek­ers who have the time and incli­na­tion to help oth­ers strug­gling to find jobs in today’s tough global econ­omy. if you are inter­ested in con­tribut­ing to this site, please com­plete the form on the Con­tact Us page.

Job seeker Resource

Ok, so one of the ini­tial projects that we got planned is to build a job seeker user list­ing of resources that we have been rec­om­mended or have used per­son­ally. Being based in the UK, you will find that most of these ser­vices are UK based. That then means that the employ­ment resources are for UK domi­cile peo­ple look­ing for work in the UK, or for peo­ple abroad look­ing to crack the UK jobs mar­ket. You will find that Job­seeker Resources pages, are bro­ken down into the prin­ci­ple HR ser­vices you would expect from a pro­fes­sional HR depart­ment within a large com­pany and are bro­ken into the fol­low­ing: job search, CV writ­ing, inter­view coach­ing, train­ing & devel­op­ment, career coach­ing and salary negotiation.

For job search, we have cur­rently focused on employment/ recruit­ment agen­cies and on job boards/ job sites. We aim to list those com­pa­nies or web­sites that we have been rec­om­mended by peo­ple we know and trust, or have 1st hand expe­ri­ence our­selves of how they work, how good they are as job seeker tools.

With CV writ­ers, there are a myr­iad of ser­vices avail­able at all sorts of prices being charged, with some com­pa­nies out there charg­ing ridicu­lous prices right through to other oper­a­tors who seem to charge a very rea­son­able price for the ser­vice offered. Again, these have been rec­om­mended to us by author­i­ties in the mar­ket or have been tested 1st hand.

Inter­view coach­ing typ­i­cally gets offered by wither career coaches or CV writ­ing houses, though there are some busi­ness oper­a­tors out there that focus on this aspect of HR and have made a busi­ness out of it.

Career Coach­ing & Plan­ning pro­fes­sion­als are var­ied in the level of ser­vice they offer, prices they charge and level of job seeker can­di­date they tar­get. We will strive to deliver a clear break-down so you can quickly dis­sem­i­nate the best ser­vice for you.

DO REMEMBER that the Resource page is a WORK IN PROGRESS. Any good list­ing worth its mus­tard takes time to collate.

Enjoy the site!