The Best Job Searches are Organized and Have a Plan

Organization and preparation are the key to the best job searches.

Caution: you’ll need to put aside some of what you may have read elsewhere about how to find a job. Much of the traditional job search advice is either theoretical, only works for upper level positions, or is based on what a recruiter thinks are the best job search methods.

Much of the employment search advice you’ll find on the Internet is also several years old and is either no longer applicable in today’s world, or simply played out.

Case in point: are you still assuming that the Human Resources department is the target for your search? Wrong! Here’s why.

The reason you need a list of steps to follow is to focus your employment search efforts and avoid a scattergun approach. If you want to find a job fast, you need to make certain you’re doing everything possible and doing it regularly. Having set steps to follow helps you do this.

As a hiring manager, I know the best steps to find job applicants. So when I was looking for a job myself, I used this knowledge to my advantage as a job seeker.

The links below give the steps I followed myself when I lost my job twice in four months. Each time, I found a new, higher paying mid-management job in five weeks or less. Follow them faithfully and find your job fast, too!

How to Organize Your Job Search.

How to Prepare for Your Search.

Ongoing Steps to Take.

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