Job Search Tips for Creating the Perfect Job Search Plan

The reason you need these job search tips for a list of steps to follow is to focus your job search efforts and avoid a scattergun approach. If you want to find a job fast, you need to make certain you’re doing everything possible and doing it regularly. Having set steps to follow helps you do this.

The steps below are the ones you’ll need to do on a regular basis, in order to identify job openings. These are not one time steps – they are steps you need to repeat frequently in order to find a job as fast as possible.

  • Check Company Web Sites Regularly for Job Postings. By regularly, I mean at least three times per week for the companies you most want to work for, and at least once per week for all other companies on your web site list. At my current company, we post new openings once per week, but other companies post them more often – sometimes daily. The only way to be certain is to check them frequently.
  • Check Newspaper Classifieds Regularly. You should check the paper version at least once per week on Sunday, as most of the employment ads appear on Sunday. For newspapers with online classifieds, you need to check them daily because new jobs are posted daily.
  • Check Online Job Posting Sites Regularly. You’ll need to check the online job posting sites daily because most of them post new jobs daily. Your job search agent (be sure to set them up) will automatically notify you of new jobs that meet your defined criteria, but employers may post jobs in categories different from what you have defined. The only way to be sure you don’t miss any is to also do a manual search using similar, but different, criteria to that used in your search agent.
  • Attend Job Fairs. You should attend all job fairs that are held in your area. Remember: employers that go to the expense of setting up at job fairs are there for one reason: they have jobs they need to fill. Plus, this is an excellent chance to meet and network with other job seekers who may be able to point you to jobs that don’t work for them but may for you.
  • Spend Time Every Day on Your Job Search. If you are currently unemployed, you’re a lucky person in one respect: you have plenty of time to spend on your job search. While you are unemployed, your job is to find a job and you should be working full time on this. You should spend a minimum of six hours per day on your job search efforts. If you currently have a job, you should spend at least two hours per day on your job search. The more time you devote to your job search, the faster you’ll find a new job. This is the single best job search tip.