Find Job Opportunities Offline as Well as Online

A complete job search includes looking for job opportunities offline as well as online.

This will include job search methods such as job fairs, recruiters, newspapers and more. As a hiring manager, I use these methods to find job applicants. As a potential job applicant, you should also use them to find job opportunities.

Here are the primary offline methods for finding jobs, in order of importance:

  • Printed newspaper help wanted classifieds
  • Job fairs
  • Networking
  • Temporary agencies
  • Recruiters
  • Apply in person
  • Are you surprised at the order?

Remember – we’re talking about rank-and-file jobs, not executive jobs. For executive jobs the order would be very different and some items wouldn’t be on the list at all. But that’s a discussion for some other web site…

There is one important point to remember when seeking job opportunities offline: many of the job openings you find offline will also be online somewhere, either now or in the past.

For example, job openings that appear in the printed newspaper will almost always also be shown in the online want ads for that newspaper because it’s usually more cost effective to display job openings in both.

At job fairs, the jobs that companies are looking for will also frequently be posted on their web site or will have appeared in an online job site. Many companies go to the trouble of setting up at job fairs only because they have jobs they haven’t been able to fill after exhausting other methods.

However, don’t ignore the offline methods for job searching just because you’re doing an exceptionally thorough online job search. Many entry level and clerical jobs, especially for small companies, will only appear in the newspaper classifieds, so be sure to cover all the bases with your employment search.

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