Interviews – How to Prepare, Act and Answer That Tough Interview Question

You’ve finally made it to the Holy Grail of the job search process – the interview! The interview question you’re probably asking yourself right now is, “How Do I Not Blow It?”

This is what all your hard job search efforts have been about: getting that elusive interview. So let’s talk about how to ace it and get that job offer.

The first thing to remember is that you’re a sales representative on the job interview and the product you’re selling is you. So, you must be prepared to sell your skills and experiences as they specifically apply to the job for which you’re being interviewed.

But this is only 50 percent of the interview. Bear in mind that the interview is not just about your qualifications and experience. You probably had a good cover letter and resume or you wouldn’t be on the interview, so the Hiring Manager already knows your qualifications and experience.

Yes, you’ll be asked questions to prove your qualifications and that you can talk about accomplishments that back them up. But just as important, the Hiring Manager wants to get a feel for your personality and if you’re “likeable”, which is of course a very subjective thing.

Hiring Managers don’t necessarily offer the job to the most qualified person. Rather, they offer the job to the most qualified person that they also like the best. A pleasant personality, the ability to project confidence and enthusiasm, and good communication and interpersonal skills count heavily, assuming that you’re also highly qualified.

On top of all of this, you must dress appropriately, properly prepare by researching the company, anticipate and have well prepared answers to common interview questions, and master a dozen other details before you step in the door for the interview.

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