About the Hiring Manager

Just Who is the Hiring Manager?

The Hiring Manager is the creator of this web site and the author of all advice found on it. But what you really want to know is how good is the advice and why should you follow it?

Good question and, seeing as I’m the Hiring Manager, I’ll try to give you a good answer.

I’m currently a “director” level manager at a large (16,000 employee) organization. I’ve been a mid-level and senior-level manager for almost 30 years at several organizations in several industries, both private and public sector.

I’ve interviewed and hired hundreds of people over the years in organizations as diverse as: retailing, finance, insurance, one of the largest school districts in the nation, and one of the largest county governments in the nation. I was also a manager at an up and coming dot-com during the explosive growth of the late 1990’s.

I’ve made hiring decisions on employees ranging from clerical all the way up to upper level managers, in both blue collar and white collar positions.

And now let me tell you what I am NOT. I am not in HR (Human Resources) and have never been in HR. HR does not make hiring decisions. I am not a recruiter and have never been a recruiter. Recruiters also do not make hiring decisions. HR and recruiters may be facilitators, but it’s the Hiring Manager who you must impress and it’s the Hiring Manager who can give you that job.

What this means is that it’s the Hiring Manager who is in the best position to advise you on how to get that job.

That’s what I’m here for – to help you get that job.

Why Do You Remain Anonymous?

I choose to remain anonymous because I am still currently employed. I want to be able to give frank and uncensored advice without having to worry about how my employer might look at it.

When it comes to this web site, I’m working for you – the job seeker – not my employer. Consequently, I’ll go by the alias of Russell B.

My best wishes for your successful job search.

— Russell B. (AKA the Hiring Manager)

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